New Underworld Video – “Boy Boy Boy”

Underworld’s new album Oblivion With Bells has some fine moments, including “Boy Boy Boy.” True to the song’s title, the accompanying Simon Taylor-directed video fixates on a boy running in slow motion through the cheers and back-and-head pats of an ecstatic, adoring crowd. The kid’s psyched. The rain looks like glitter. But uh, why’s everyone in black? Some even have black teeth. And angry faces. Mix that with lyrics like “I like to hurt myself like this sometimes” and you get a sense that this is going to end badly. Very reminiscent of gym class.

Damn, you’re all alone. Well, at least none of those creepy onlookers decided to move into bad touch territory. Oblivion With Bells is the UK duo’s first proper album in five years. The full stream is no longer up at the band’s MySpace, but there are assorted tracks o’er there. Or you can just chill with “Crocodile.

Oblivion With Bells is out now on ATO.

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