New Jim Noir – “Don’t You Worry”

Taking a break from reminding us holidays are times of magic, Manchester electro-acoustic singer-songwriter Jim Noir’s back with his self-titled sophomore full-length (see, he’s been releasing a bunch of EPs since Tower Of Love). One of the best tracks, “Don’t You Worry,” is a swirling analog hymn with an OTC-on-Beatles vibe and simple message: Don’t worry, be happy. Well, kind of: “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” The “If you don’t want to be with me / What do you expect me to be?” bridge isn’t quite as cheery as the Target cut.

Jim Noir – Don’t You Worry” (MP3)

Psychedelic. The song, combined with the wavy photo, make us want to watch Ghostbusters stoned.

Jim Noir is out 4/8 on Barsuk.

Jim Noir - 'Don't You Worry'
[Photo by Jessie Grout Smith]

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