Watch Ad-Rock On Top Chef Just Desserts

There are somehow many, many TV shows on cable about people who make dessert foods. Last night, though, only one of those shows had one of the Beastie Boys on it. For some reason, the King Ad-Rock appeared on the most recent episode of the Top Chef offshoot Just Desserts, causing the contestants involved to generally bug the fuck out. He also presented them with a challenge that involved turning bacon and pork and beans into desserts. This show appears to be completely insane. Observe:

(via Bravo)

I’ve been trying to think of a good Ad-Rock rhyme about food, and the only one that springs to mind is the part on “Get It Together” when Q-Tip mentions Ione Skye and Ad-Rock goes, “CUZ SHE’S THE CHEESE AND I’M THE MACARONI!” (This line immediately replaced Say Anything as the first thing I thought of whenever the words “Ione Skye” came to mind.) Maybe I’m blanking on something? Help me out here.