New Japan For Africa Video – “We Are The World”

“We Are The World” is in the air. We caught a pretty good whiff of it with Jimmy and Ben, but this footage from Japanese television takes USA For Africa to the next level. In fact, the footage you’re about to see is so true-to-life that it got us thinking about a post we did some time ago on the 20th anniversary of the “We Are The World” recording session. It very much rings true, even in Japan:

All the celebs turned on their most extreme personalities because each person only got to sing a line or two. So Cyndi Lauper is so unusual, Bruce Springsteen gets all super Springsteen-y, and Michael Jackson is like, “I’m so famous I won’t even be in the same room with you people.”

There’s just one crucial difference…

(Via PTW)

This Michael Jackson’s even scarier than the real MJ! And we don’t remember Stevie Wonder resembling Horatio Sanz. We love Japanese television. All the text is so COLORFUL.