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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

After last week’s bounty of videos, things slowed way down this week, and that’s too bad. The best video of the week was the one where the camera more-or-less holds steady on the band for almost the entire length of the clip. The second-best one is the crass TV-show tie-in. Still, there’s some fun stuff in here.

1. Dum Dum Girls – “Bedroom Eyes” (Dir. Sam Macon)

When you’ve got a glamorous enough band, sometimes the best approach is to stand back, let them be glamorous, and maybe turn on the swirly kaleidoscope effect during the chorus. For incredibly obvious reasons, the camera absolutely worships the Dum Dum Girls, and the plain-white background of the “Bedroom Eyes” video gives us plenty of chances to marvel at how perfect this band’s image of itself is. Shout out to Sam Macon for knowing when to stay out of his own way, and shout out to Dee Dee for putting some palpable emotion into her performance even when she totally didn’t have to.

2. Duck Sauce – “Luis Guzman” (Dir. ?)

There are so many reasons not to like this video. It’s a shameless reworking of an already-great video. It exists as a promo for a pretty-bad HBO show. A whole lot of its appeal comes from its parade of celebrity cameos, and the celebrities involved are, by and large, lames compared to the ones who were in the “Barbra Streisand” video. (Looking at you, Wahlberg.) And yet it’s such a ridiculous blast of quickly-edited NY hijinks that I can’t be mad at it. If you’ve ever lived in New York and then moved away, it’s the sort of thing that will make you ridiculously homesick for the city even if your life was never anything remotely like what you see in the video. It also kind of makes me want to watch that pretty-bad HBO show, so mission accomplished.

3. Deerhoof – “Secret Mobilization” (Dir. Ewan Macleod)

Here’s a rarity: A music video with an actual story, with mysterious establishing shots and rising action and a climax and a fairly satisfying ending and everything. The story doesn’t make a lick of sense, but it’s there! Also, that alien costume is simultaneously cutely low-budget and absolutely hideous.

4. Twin Sister – “Kimmi In A Rice Field” (Dir. Bryan Ujueta & Dan Devine)

A dream-logic horror movie that makes even less sense than the Deerhoof video, but that final shot stick with you. The Italian giallos of the ’70s continue to have a moment. At this point, Dario Argento may be the single most influential director in the world of indie rock music videos, and that’s OK with me.

5. Roach Gigz – “Gina” (Dir. Remedy Visions)

Admittedly, this is probably (hopefully) the most juvenile video you will ever see on this list. Almost the final half of it is Bay Area rapper Roach getting really amped about the prospect of a blowjob and yelling the word “mouth” over and over again, while girls’ mouths lip-sync it in extreme close-up. It is, let’s say, not subtle. But Roach is a fun, ridiculous presence; he reminds me of Skinny Pete from Breaking Bad, minus the whole addicted-to-meth thing. I like how the video completely literalizes, word for word, everything that happens in the song. (Points off for the Beamer not actually being tan, though.) And I like how Roach throws pointed asides about gentrification and police profiling into his goofy, lighthearted song about wanting a blowjob.