New Weird Weeds – “Dream Songs,” “Red,” & “We’re Gonna Die”

The Weird Weeds are a gorgeously combustive band from Austin. The trio moves back and forth between discordant feedback and gentle balladry, finding ways to stitch disparate movements into edgy, heartfelt experimental pop. They have “weird” in their name, but the songs are catchy, not off-putting. 2005’s Weird Feelings was sadly underrated and largely overlooked, but maybe the frequency will shift a bit when I Miss This comes out in a few days. In honor of the band’s third album, we’re posting three of our favorite tracks from it. The selections give a good idea of the Weeds’ variety: Tender “Dream Songs” is a chirping and chiming ballad sung-whispered by Sandy Ewen; “Red,” sung by Nick Hennies, hints at their ability to withstand jagged/soft collisions (though the album goes into louder, noisier directions); and “We’re Gonna Die” layers Hennies in multi-tracked pastoral mode over some sweet fingerpicking.

The Weird Weeds

The Weird Weeds – Dream Songs” (MP3)
The Weird Weeds – Red” (MP3)
The Weird Weeds – We’re Gonna Die” (MP3)

You guys and gal should come out from behind that rock now. See more than half their faces at SXSW. They have various dates listed at MySpace.

I Miss This is out 3/4 on Autobus.