Download Nine Inch Nails’ Ghosts I-IV

We’d just finished reading Chris Anderson’s Wired piece extolling the virtues of businesses’ move toward making everything “Free!” when the tipline blew up saying Trent did just that. Again. So, wake up and start downloading, T. Rez is getting Niggy with it.

Tonight’s NIN collection is “the first four volumes” of an instrumental work entitled Ghosts, and you can get yourself a download of Vol. 1 (nine DRM-free MP3s + 40 page PDF) for the price of nothing. A free agent’s gotta eat, though, so if you are in a particularly charitable/completist sort of mood, dig into the higher tiers of participation: $5 gets you a download of all four volumes/36 tracks, $10 gets you the download + the collection on two CDs, $75 comes with a fabric slipcase and a data DVD and other crazyness, and for $300 he’ll sign stuff and give you the collection on vinyl and probably cook you dinner if you ask nicely.

Choose your price plan at … and then confess/brag to the rest of us; we’re curious to see if Trent will be less despondent after this one.