New Gnarls Barkley – “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul”

While most of you are sleeping or busy deciding how much money to give Trent for his trouble, ?uestlove is over in his corner of the internet keeping us awake by surreptitiously leaking a new Gnarls Barkley single and not-so-surreptitiously calling you a dumb ass parrot:

most idiots will probably be on some “scoff…this aint no CRAZY”–well you dumb ass parrots–this to me digs deeper. and what an apt title The Odd Couple: a very dense dark atmospheric moody templet just dramatic enough for the last great living and WORKING soul singer under 40 and the most creative and intuitive producer maniac music has seen in a sec.

thanks fellas for giving me the honor.

Told ya. But it’s not just a straight track replay here. With the help of Thelma Schoonmaker’s editing (on nine shots of Patron), Ahmir offers up a color-saturated clip featuring half his face lip-syncing to the downcast and cavernous vintage soul cut.

We like this side of ?uest’s webcamming more than of days past. Sweet and nocturnal cut, too; Ahmir knew the right time of day to leak it. The Odd Couple is out 4/8 on Downtown.