Eddie Van Halen’s Issues, “Atrocious” Playing Derail Tour

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that VH are reportedly canceling their tour. According to TMZ, it’s due to Eddie’s “issues,” such as being “out of it” during shows and this “out of it” guitar playing. Guess there’s no blaming the guitar tech this time. Comes at an interesting time, as Valarie Bertinelli’s pushing that autobiography in which she talks openly cheating on Eddie. On top of that, she looks pretty hot in her new Jenny Craig ads. Well, for Eddie’s sake, hopefully Val didn’t lose all that weight eating Michael Anthony’s special sauce.

UPDATE: Well, “sources with Van Halen tell Billboard the band’s tour is not being canceled, though tonight’s (March 3) scheduled show at the American Airlines Center in Dallas has been postponed and rescheduled for April 24.” Apparently things pick up on 3/11, and we should be getting official word on the tour’s status within the day.