Moldy Peaches Respond To Barbara Walters Dis

During Ellen Page’s interview on Barbara Walters’s Academy Awards Special, Baba joined this guy in saying she doesn’t get “Anyone Else But You,” though she did have the Peaches perform the song on The View. Man, that must’ve been hell for her. Despite the shit-talking, she literally got into Page’s version, singing along with the face of Juno when she strummed out her Moldy Peaches, reminding us the movie’s mad twee (honest to blog). “I have a guitah…”

Note that Ellen says she sleep walks and hallucinates at night. Maybe that was the inspiration for that weak-but-weird Digital Short? The Peaches had their takes on Barbara’s dis/apparent reclamation of their new-old hit.

Adam Green via EW:

“I’m not bitter … When it comes to Moldy Peaches music, I don’t think anyone’s taking Barbara’s opinion too seriously. From what I understand, she really enjoys that song.” And the fact that Walters sang along with Page, he adds, is a testament to the tune’s unbelievable reach. “You couldn’t surprise me now,” marvels Green, whose fifth solo album, Sixes and Sevens, is due March 18. “If Michael Jordan turned out to be the biggest Moldy Peaches fan, I’d be, like, ‘Join the f—ing club.'”

Or maybe some trannies? Not to be a drag, but we still say Adam’s new club, filled with sexy nurses and flappers, looks like more fun. Kimya responded in song.

What lovely harmonizing. Even the baby does her part.