New Meat Loaf Rock Documentary Appears To Be Dramatic

It might not have the international appeal of the Falco biopic, but we’re betting Meat Loaf: In Search Of Paradise, will at the very least be as epic. In fact, judging from the trailer, the big guy appears to be even more of drama queen than we suspected: He spits gum, snorts vapors, falls on the ground (repeatedly), and rubs his hands through his hair in complete and utter anguish, etc. Why? Well, “the most important tour of his career … could be the one that ends it.” Jesus! That’s a lot of pressure to put on an “A” personality with vertigo who lives in stress city. What’s worse: In order to get to paradise, he has to go through hell. What’s worser: That includes having a woman the size of his left leg dry hump said leg.

“I look like I’m 12 years old and every reviewer can’t get past it.” Dennis Quaid can. The Loaf, he hates all his shows. Don’t worry dude, none can be worse than this.

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