Charlatans Giving Away New Album For Free

Nope, that wasn’t a backhanded reference to Saul and Trent. We’re talking about the actual band, the Charlatans, aka the Charlatans UK, who’re offering their 10th album You Cross My Path as a free download over at XFM, as one zip or as individual tracks. Says frontman Tim Burgess, “We always knew this album was gonna be given away for free, even before we started writing so we wanted to make it the best album we’ve ever made. This isn’t a case of left over tracks and b-sides, we wanted to give our fans a quality record.” If this trend continues, illegal download sites are gonna go out of business. You Cross My Path will get also show up as a CD and 45 box set on 5/19 via Cooking Vinyl, for those of you who like to hold your music in your arms. If you want to know what it sounds like before you start downloading, watch videos for the first two singles here and here (we prefer the latter, in case you were wondering).