Arcade Fire Cover Sam Cooke For Obama

While SNL offered over its airwaves in aid of Hillary Clinton’s attempt to woo the hip ‘youths at home watching TV on a Saturday night’ vote, Barack Obama was getting a similar stamp of hipster approval on the same day in Nelsonville, OH, where Arcade Fire played a show for the cool, ‘easily wooed by celebirities and rock stars’ demographic. If you need to know Win, Will, Régine, and Jeremy’s bona fides when it comes to knowledge of politics and the process, look no further than the band’s cover of choice: Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come.” Change! Somebody’s been watching their presidential debates! Actually that is good song choice, and it sounds pretty good (shitty YouTube notwithstanding — but once they go into “Rebellion (Lies)” it’s muddy and unlistenable).

Isn’t that Sarah Neufeld on violin? Why wasn’t she part of the initial announcement? Well, maybe they withheld it because she’s a full-blooded Canadian they wanted to give the Clinton camp less rope with which to hang itself in its “anti-immigrant counterattack.”