New Ponytail – “Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From An Angel)” & “Terrible Why”

When we saw Ponytail spazz and bounce at Bowery during CMJ, we’re pretty sure the Baltimore quartet played the Whitman-sampling “Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From An Angel),” the first single from Ice Cream Spiritual, the sophomore follow up to 2005’s Kamehameha. Its opening ambiance (that upward shot of strings) and Molly Sigel’s tongues-speaking doggerrel and savant Yoko-isms are hard to forget. Over at MySpace, you can find “Celebrate” along with the less epic, answering-machine a-capella “Terrible Why.” It feels like old-timey Blow. But, as is hinted by the sweaty, colorful photo below and our description above, it’s worth seeing ‘em do this stuff live, too…

Ponytail - 'Celebrate The Body Electric'
[Photo of Ponytail at Whartscape by Mercurialn]

Molly doesn’t always hit the notes, but she does makes sure she’s electric. Electrocuted?

Ice Cream Spiritual is out 06/17 on We*Are*Free.

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