Balenciaga Snub Inspires Kanye Finally To Blog About His Feelings

Not sure what we expected when word first broke that Kanye had a blog, but it’s been interesting to see how he’s refrained from using the site to engage in his patented oversensitive rants and emoting. Guess that’s what his awards show appearances are for! Instead Kanye’s been on a home deco and fashion tear, giving props to designers who don’t seem to want his props at all. West and his lady Alexis recently took a trip to Paris for the fashion shows and didn’t get into some of the bigger events including Balenciaga’s, who Kanye had blogged as having the “illest” Spring ’08 collection. Via NYT:

We didn’t get a ticket for Balenciaga,” Mr. West said. That may be because, a Balenciaga representative insisted, he never made a request. “I understand it,” the hip-hop star said. “I get a lot of attention and, you know, sometimes the designers don’t want anything taking the focus off the show.”

Showing, perhaps for the first time, a modicum of self-awareness, Kanye realized that last quote might make him out to be a somewhat bitter egomaniac. And so, for what we believe is the first time, Kanye west uses his blog to open up about his feelings:

In a post titled “The Rest Of The Quote Is” which opens with that NYT excerpt, he writes:

I just love the clothes! Lex and I are not there 2 take pictures… I don’t have an album about 2 drop… my tour is sold out… I love fashion and this is one of the funnest things we can make time for! I totally love and respect any designer that won’t let me come 2 there show… it’s their show… they don’t owe me anything… Balenciaga is one of the illest lines right now and I don’t feel any type of way about not getting in! There’s always a catch 22 in being a celeb … your motives are always questioned… but only time will show my true love MY FIRST LOVE is for fashion and I appreciate just being in a position 2 afford 2 be able 2 spend a week in Paris visiting shows. I wish everyone could have this experience, the new music you hear, the new people you meet and most of all the beautiful clothes! I understand that some designers don’t want all that unnecessary commotion at there shows, that’s what I mean by “I get a lot of attention” … I feel like music and fashion don’t bridge enough… at least not as much as it did in the 80’s when Madonna and Michael actually influenced designers… there was a give and take. I never use my blog 2 clear stuff up… but this is so close 2 my heart I had 2 say something… Anyone saying something negative has it wrong, they’ve got me wrong… I just want 2 make great art on every level and fashion shows are one of the best forms of art in the world. Thank you Paris again for the inspiration!!!

All that’s fine, Kanye, but how do you feel about fashion?

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