New Presidents Of The United States Of America Video – “Mixed Up S.O.B.”

Always good to hear from these dudes around election time. A couple interesting things to note about the Presidents’ catchy-ass new tune from the forthcoming These Are The Good Times People: The video was directed by Weird Al, the elastic vocalist dude hasn’t aged a bit (a benefit of going bald young?), and the “she’s a mixed up son of a bitch” chorus sounds so much like the Misfits’ “Where Eagles Dare,” we’re deciding it’s homage. The hyper-kinetic video includes a ton of flip book actions, Guitar Hero, split screen checkerboards, singing multi-colored hands, and three very excitable men.

“That’s how they found her in her bed all dead.” Nice. Also, speaking of Weird Al and song echoes, remember “Gump”?

Tom Hanks is so versatile.

These Are The Good Times People is out 3/11 on Fugitive.