Vampire Weekend’s Condom PSA For MTV

As far as television stations go, MTV’s support of VMPRWKND has been early and often. (Take that, CW11.) Now they’re MTV’s Artist of the Week this week, which means we get to hear “A-Punk” during the credits of That’s Amore. You’re psyched. More awesomely, though, as with all of MTV’s Artists to Watch thingys, the network got the band to film a series of interstitial spots. You can watch them play in a cafeteria, talk about an uncredited Selena/David Byrne collab track, discuss Owen Wilson, and illustrate oxford commas in the context of You, Me And Dupree here. We’ve got the best bit, though: the Columbia kids on a bus (the M79?), Ezra picking up a girl and speaking in service of prophylactic awareness. This only makes us love them more.

For Ezra, picking up chicks is easy when you’ve got that sweet cardigan. Seriously though, we were just talking about it this morning: they’ve got the blog love, the Pitchfork love, the music mag love, the UK love, the Byrne love, they’re young, cute, and funny. And they have a great debut album. That’s the most universal love we can remember, closest thing to it is maybe the Strokes around Is This It. The tarnish for the Casablancas crew came around album two (and in fairness we weren’t reading Byrne’s blog back then to know if he was a fan), so some folks will similarly wait to pass judgment here as well … but that is some remarkable buzz.