Human Giant Respond To Your Stereogum Comments

We admit we’re impressed by the level of discourse in the comments on Stereogum: mostly you guys are funny, knowledgeable, and collectively perfect at playing our fact checking cuz. Also you guys are excellent anonymous comment writers — that’s where your questionable displays of taste, rampant vulgarity, and misplaced aggression really shine. Although we aim to elevate discourse here, we also wanted to memorialize our appreciation for said moments of anonymous absurdity … and for that we called on the most absurd friends we have: Aziz, Paul, and Rob. The guys took a few minutes to respond to some of your finer postings between takes on set filming Human Giant’s second season (hence Aziz and Rob’s old man makeup) which premieres one week from today on MTV. In addition, we have HG’s latest short about a homicidal carpet monkey, and how said short involves both Will Ferrell and Summer Roberts. Now, let’s see if your comment made the cut.

Poor Craig Finn, poor Aziz. So, lots of Human Giant stuff happening lately: Season Two starts in a week, as of today Season One is available on DVD, and Rachel Bilson feels sorry for acting monkeys. Huh? Here, let Gawker explain:

Former O.C. and current Jumper actress Rachel Bilson is complaining in Nylon about the chimp dressed as a Santa for website College Humor’s last Christmas party: “Maybe I overreacted because I was too tired, but it made me so mad! All these people were drunk and taking pictures, and it was horrible!” It was a pretty white-trashy stunt, but it’s hard to come up with new ways to throw money around sometimes. A December Page Six item says that Bilson actually “jumped the half-hour line” to get her picture taken with the chimp, but College Humor co-founder Ricky Van Veen says, “She didn’t cut the line. She and her friend were leaving the party, so i brought them to the front of the line for a quick look. She was really nice to everybody.” The chimp, who goes by the name of Louie, was unavailable for comment.

How this relates to Human Giant: In an attempt to ease Summer’s mind, Aziz responded:

Louie’s appearance at the CollegeHumor party actually led to a starring role in this Human Giant sketch … Don’t worry Rachel, Louie is gonna be a star!

He’s right. This is one funny monkey.Will Ferrell listed this as his fave video of the week and distilled its humor with his keen insight:

Holy shit…holy got damn shit. This is pure F’d up goodness.

Ferrell’s got a point! Somewhere in there. Wonder if Will saw the guys’ other recent bit of F’d up viral goodness:

That last minute is classic.