New Banjo Or Freakout Video – “Upside Down”

Banjo Or Freakout, aka psychedelic bedroom popmaker Alesso Natalizia, has woven so many watery layers, laps, and flows into “Upside Down” that it would’ve been surprising if this Blake Salzman-directed video didn’t take place by some sandy waves. The clip begins with still shots of an axe, a teddy bear, shells, etc. But as the Londoner sings at the start of the track, it’s “the middle of summer,” so after the trippy intro we get a bunch of folks in costumes running slo-mo into the ocean until a girl turns around and shifts the camera’s focus. Dreamy on a number of levels.

Beach listening:

Banjo Or Freakout – “Upside Down” (MP3)

The “Upside Down” 12″ is out via Half Machine.