New LK Video – “Stop Being Perfect”

We’ve seen magic walls in videos before — courtesy of Brooklyn’s Parts & Labor — however the self-animating stop-motioned magic of this white room comes via Swedish indie pop duo the LK. “Stop Being Perfect” pits the pair in a blank space and captures them on film that flips to negative, while patterns and pictures project themselves in tidy quadrants. It’s a very smoothed and melodic tune, sort of reminds us of Erlend Øye’s Whitest Boy Alive project, just more buoyant, with more forward momentum. The electronic accents, the background whirls and whirrrs, and the shuffling, brushed drums set a sweet scene for the lyrics of “frozen cloud”s and “sticky black tongues.” Nice tune for a wispy wintry night.

Take it with you:

“The LK – Stop Being Perfect” (MP3)

Vs. The Snow — the LK’s first album to be released in the States — is out now via The Kora Records.

UPDATE: And some US tour dates (thanks, natalya)…

03/08 – Washington, D.C. @ House of Sweden
03/09 – Washington, D.C. @ The Kennedy Center (free show at 6pm)
03/10 – Atlanta, GA @ Park Grounds w/ The Kiwis
03/11 – Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land
03/13 – Austin, TX @ Homeslice Pizza Day party
03/14 – Austin, TX @ Justin.TV Day Party at Peacock Lounge
03/15 – Austin, TX @ official SXSW kora showcase – Habana Calle 6
03/16 – Dallas, TX @ Good Records
03/17 – Little Rock, AR @ Easy Street Theater
03/18 – Urbana, IL @ UC Interactive Media Center
03/19 – Chicago, IL @ Darkroom
03/20 – Detroit, MI @ Scrummage University
03/21 – Pittsburgh, PA @ U of Pitt – W. Pitt Union’s Assembly Room
03/22 – Cincinnati, OH @ Contemporary Arts Center
03/23 – Alfred, NY @ Terra Cotta Coffee Shop
03/24 – Carlisle, PA @ The 25-27 Space
03/25 – New York, NY @ Club Midway
03/27 – Baltimore, MD @ tba
03/31 – Washington, D.C. @ Black Cat

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