New Notwist – “Good Lies”

After years of bifurcations, German quartet the Notwist have mastered a subtle, detached dream pop that hits like an easy breeze with remnants of their past experimentations gurgling throughout the innards. The last time we let their sounds sink in was when they collaborated — seamlessly, we should add — with Anticon crew Themselves as 13 & God. There’s reportedly another album from that hybrid coming out this year, but as evidenced by “Good Lies” from the Notwist’s forthcoming The Devil, You + Me, the foursome by their lonesome can be equally sweet. On the track, vocalist Markus Acher repeats, as if out of habit, “Let’s just imitate the real, until we find a better one.” It comes off like the best pickup line in weeks, but when he adds “remember, the good lies win,” you realize this is maybe some sort of “Fake Empire” shit.

The Notwist - 'Good Lies'

The Notwist – “Good Lies” (MP3)

One thing we’re still trying to figure out is where the everyday objects like the beside table, coffee sets, and kitchen table fit into the lie. Oh, right, suburban set pieces. This is really pretty. As is the teamwork you’ll witness here.

The Devil, You + Me is out in May in Europe via City Slang and in the US June 2008 via Domino.

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