Watch Jay Reatard Documentary Waiting For Something

If you ever wanted to know more about Joe’s favorite musician, Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz’s 20-minute Waiting For Something is a good place to start. Reatard offers thoughts on vinyl and his “weird” food cravings. Various Memphis locals give anecdotes about his early days. You also get a slew of live footage. One thing: It’s kinda odd that folks go out of their way to evoke Reatard and Elvis in the same breath on multiple occasions. One other thing: To these eyes/ears, Jay often awkwardly tries too hard to sound like an outsider or a martyr. (But hey, look closely and you’ll spot a great Strapping Fieldhands t-shirt.)

Watch Me Fall is out 8/18 via Matador. This song’s on it:

Jay Reatard – “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me” (MP3)

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