New Bon Iver Video – “The Wolves (Act I & II)”

Damn, Justin had so many worthy tracks to choose from when making his first video. “Lump Sum”? “Flume”? “Skinny Love”? Instead it’s “The Wolves (Act I & II)” which, as good as it is on record, is extra goosepimply live, with the crowd-chanted “What might have been lost”s and the noisy, stormy-drummed exeunt. And actually it’s the perfect choice for a visual introduction to the world of Bon Iver. The clip’s imagery is of a kind with For Emma, Forever Ago’s new cover and with Justin’s QYDJ picture. The backstory of Justin hunkering down in the woods to make this album, the song’s “Don’t bother me”s, etc. all connect with the video’s fires in the snow, like his time writing and burning up in the cold and dead of winter. “The good winter” indeed; it brought us one of our favorite artists. Now go make videos for the rest of the album.

For Emma, Forever Ago is out via Jagjaguwar.

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