New Dean & Britta Video (Feat. Demetri Martin) – “You Turn My Head Around” (Stereogum Premiere)

Once upon a time we said Demetri Martin is the new Rachel Hunter. To which you said, “Obvs.” But after supplanting Rachel as Fountains of Wayne’s object of desire, Martin landed himself a starring role in Travis’s “Selfish Gene” clip. And now this. The trendspotting funny man’s setting a trend of his own: replacing Bonne ‘Prince’ Billy as the most desirable cameo in indie rock. Yep. Demetri Martin is the new Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy.

OK if you won’t go with that logic, you’ll at least agree to this: The camera loves Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips. (For proof, see pic above. Also, see every pic they’ve ever been in.) The video for “You Turn My Head Around,” from last year’s Back Numbers, features Britta in a little red dress, biking around in the sun, fitting the uncharacteristically smiley tune. (For comparison see D&B’s Gainsbourg homaging vid for “Words You Used To Say.” Not so sunny.) It’s a nice day in the city for love, Dean will bring the flowers, and we end with a nice note across a newspaper to Lee Hazlewood. As they say, this one’s got it all.

Back Numbers is out via Rounder. If you liked it, you might like the remix EP (autostart warning).