What Axl Rose Looks Like Now

Oh jeez. Oh boy. We can’t ignore this any longer, can we? William Axl Rose, who was once one of rock’s greatest and most forbidding frontmen, has entered his late-Elvis stage. At the Rock In Rio festival on Monday, Axl showed up wearing a weird fluorescent raincoat thing, a gigantic cowboy hat, and about five bazillion extra pounds. We didn’t know how good we had it with the dreads-and-hockey-jersey stage.

And that weird look and weight gain wouldn’t even matter too much if he still had that terrifying helium wail, but no. He now sings in a pitched-up chipmunk squeal that’s somehow come a whole lot closer to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s godawful impersonation of the man. Observe the damning evidence below.

That guitar solo didn’t turn out too well either, did it? Maybe that’s what happens when you try to play in a stormtrooper helmet. And no, I have no idea why the audio cuts out halfway through, unless it’s YouTube just deciding that we’ve had enough and doing us a favor.

In happier news, Use Your Illusion recently turned 20.