Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Do R.E.M. In San Francisco, Secret Show In Portland

The idea of a Pavement reunion’s in the air, but Stephen Malkmus & his Jicks are everywhere else, including a Take-Away in San Francisco and a secret show in Portland. The Take-Away includes a trio of Real Emotional Trash tunes, “Hopscotch Willie,” “Wicked Wanda,” and a pretty, elegiac “We Can’t Help You.” Those are all fine showings, Malkmus looking every bit the part the slacker legend he is, but for a fun taste of behind-the-scenery, it’s fun watching the whole band trying to figure out which R.E.M. songs they all know, so they can sing along in unison. We get “(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville,” “7 Chinese Brothers,” and others with bells and guitar and shakers in a SF art gallery.

Speaking of R.E.M. Take-Aways, wonder if the Vincent Moon-directed video for “Supernatural Superserious” counts? Of the Real Emotional tunes, we love “We Can’t Help You” best.

You can see the others here. In unrelated live actions, SM & Jicks played a free secret MySpace show at Satyricon in Portland on Tuesday. Judging from the line to get in (and, well, the marquee), it doesn’t seem so secret. Well, MySpace is for networking (and affairs). There’s quite a bit of talk about cameras before the band gets going, but we do eventually get a loose-limbed “Dragonfly Pie.”

Did you hear the little kid asking, “Is that Stephen Malkmus?” Cute. And hip. So MySpace.