New Counting Crows Videos – “Insignificant,” “Le Ballet D’Or,” & “On A Tuesday In Amsterdam Long Ago”

Being children in bloom of the ’90s and all, we were surprisingly pleased by “Cowboys,” an unexpected return to the plugged-in goodness of Recovering The Satellites (aka Counting Crows’ last stand before a decade of cheese diving). The other stuff from Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings has been a bit more middling. The band’s put up four videos at Amazon (more like cuts and pastes of studio footage): one for “Cowboys” and three tunes you haven’t heard yet. “Insignificant” is on the rock side (or the Saturday Nights side), the other two are Sunday Mornings fare. “Le Ballet” breaks out of the band’s standard slow jam mold, although it does get repetitious, while “On A Tuesday In Amsterdam Long Ago” is a “Miller’s Angels” type Duritz-and-piano ballad which has a nice seventh-chord in the hook. That one’s not a departure stylistically, but like “Cowboys,” it’s most resembling when they were at the height of their powers. If you want resouped versions of Recovering tunes, “Cowboys” and “On A Tuesday” are your picks. If you’re feeling nostalgic, watch ‘em at Amazon.