New Santogold Video – “L.E.S. Artistes”

We’ve been waiting on this one awhile, nice to see it drop just in time to remind people about how tough it’s gonna be to get into Santogold’s shows at SXSW next week. (She’s worth it.) Santi’s piss-take on the self-fashioned “artistes” on the Lower East Side is one of her forthcoming debut’s standouts, but you’ve known that for forever. Unlike the Diplo and Switch stuff (e.g. “Creator,” “Shove It,” etc.) she’s eschewing the electro/grimey flavor in favor of some new wave sweetness, truer to her music roots before becoming her new look as cool kid-endorsed Downtown artist. “I can stay at home, it will be worth what I give up.” Easy for you to say Santi, you get to ride a beautiful black stallion (literally). There’s lots of destruction, carnage, and violence in here, but it’s all really colorful and done with fake materials. Think she’s dropping hints, artistes. Nima Nourizadeh directs.

Santogold’s debut LP is out soon via Downtown.

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