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The 10 Best Indie Rock Beyoncé Covers

It’s going to be impossible to claim that Beyoncé Knowles has “quietly” put together a vicious song catalog, stocked with everything from heart-wrenching ballads to shamelessly fun bangers, but she has done it without some of the fanfare associated with other pop stars. And, you know, the musical work is stellar; it makes a ton of sense that others have dove into reinterpreting her songs. Jumping off with yesterday’s cover by The Horrors, here’s the ten best indie rock covers of Beyoncé’s sterling, still-growing catalog.

The Horrors – “Best Thing I Never Had”
Port O’Brien – “Halo”
Pattern Is Movement – “Crazy In Love”
The Magic Numbers – “Crazy In Love”
Major Lazer (Feat. Elephant Man) – “Halo”
Harper Blynn – “Halo”
ceo – “Halo”
The Big Pink – “Sweet Dreams”
Florence And The Machine – “Halo”
Antony And The Johnsons – “Crazy In Love”

This isn’t at all a cover, because it’s a reference track for a song The-Dream wrote with Beyoncé, but it’s so good that it’s worth including via any applicable, albeit thin, rationale.

The-Dream – “1+1″

If you’ve got other leads, post them in the comments.

UPDATE: Sleigh Bells cover “Irreplaceable.”