Andrew W.K. Covers The McLaughlin Group

Sort of. He actually turns host John McLaughlin’s words into a catchy little song (that sounds strangely similar to other catchy little W.K. songs). You don’t need to tell us Andrew’s multi-talented — on top of being a fine video host, he sounds great on radio. How’d this happen? Fair Game host Faith Salie explains the thinking behind the project:

Nowadays The McLaughlin Group is working on a whole other level. The crazy analogies, the bald faced aggression — it’s not simple discourse anymore. The McLaughlin Group is operating on a level that is bigger than just words. That’s why Fair Game is thrilled to welcome songwriter and rock star Andrew W. K., who was so inspired by Mclaughlin’s artistry — his poetry — that he’s used it as the basis for a new rock song.

There is something sorta poetic about “little cat’s feet.” You’ll get what we mean in a second.


Andrew W.K.- “The McLaughlin Group” (MP3)

Carl Sandburg, party hard! In case you missed McLaughlin’s poetry, this is what Andrew started out with as his template:

Question: Does Romney’s endorsement seal the deal? Is McCain now the inevitable Republican nominee? I ask you, Pat.

PAT BUCHANAN: John, absent celestial intervention, I think he’s going to get the nomination.


PB: Celestial intervention.

JM: Well, it happens, Pat. May he rest in peace, Paul Wellstone. John Heinz was killed in an airplane crash.

PB: Well, let’s not speculate on it.

JM: Death comes in the night on cats’ paws, Pat. You never know.

PB: On little cats’ feet. That’s the fog, John, that comes in on little cats’ feet.

Or senility? We kid. C’mon. To head over to the official Fair Game site, click this.