New Girls Video – “Lust For Life”

A little over a year ago we gave Girls their NYC debut. Today we get a video in support of an old 7″ track that shows up on their debut Album. If you’re not familiar, yes it’s a different “Lust For Life,” but Girls’ tune has an uppity and excited hedonism that Iggy would also embrace. The Aaron Brown-directed video includes some of the folks you’ll remember from the epic up-all-night “Hellhole Ratrace” clip (which Brown co-directed). Hopefully they stick with this Nan Goldin/Ryan McGinley aesthetic for the rest of the collection: It works excellently with the San Francisco duo’s ragged, androgynous, carefree (but not pain-free) vibe. In other words, they have a song called “Solitude,” though you get the sense they aren’t often alone.

(Via P4K)

Last year’s clip:

Don’t forget to read up on Christopher Owens and Chet “JR” White’s backstory. They’re cover Girls too.

Girls – “Hellhole Ratrace” (MP3)

Album is out 9/22 via True Panther Sounds.

UPDATE: Here’s Focus Creeps’ “Hardcore XXX Edit” via NSFW!