New Memory Cassette Video – “Surfin'” / “Body In The Water”

Today’s workout for Memory Cassette’s Call & Response EP is less about remixes and more about repurposing old Tawny Kitaen footage. Not that anybody needs to be reminded of the plot of her ’80s classic Crystal Heart, but basically Tawny’s an upcoming rockstar who falls in love with a guy living in a glass case (of emotion) because of a rare illness. I guess the original was all about exploring the dramatic tension of two people from different worlds drawn together in tragic and unrealizable love because Kitaen movies are always celebrated for their thematic subtext, obviously. But sampled here in all its VHS glory by director Pat Vamos and soundtracked by Memory Tapes’ “Surfin’,” it’s a perfectly nostaglic, fuzzy, oddly warm-hearted and unpretentious accompaniment to M. Cassette’s similarly situated lo fi bedroom keyboard and computer pop. The rest of the Call & Response EP’s A-side — the spacier “Body In The Water” — plays under the second half of the video, which is more impressionistic and emotional, and you get to see what becomes of love between ’80s glam metal pinup girls and the boy in the bubble. (Classic tale that never ends well.)

(via FADER)

Memory Cassette’s Call & Response EP is available digitally via Acephale.