Ramona Falls – “I Say Fever”

Ramona Falls is the solo project of Menomena’s Brent Knopf and various collaborators in New York and Portland. His debut Intuit is out 8/18 on Barsuk, but “I Say Fever” surfaces in this week’s Drop.

What’s the significance of saying “fever”? Each time you sing it, there’s a discordant moment.
The word has multiple and sometimes contradictory meanings. That word was right for the song because it implies being bodily possessed by some kind of transforming experience, either for better or worse. Sometimes people talk about the point at which a fever “breaks,” and the relief returning to normal brings. But this moment in the song is about being in the throes, before the fever has broken, servile to its whims, wondering where it will take you. Lyrically, it fits with other words that comprise a puzzle. Emotionally, I hope it conveys a spirit of both panic and resignation. If I had to liken it to anything, it’d be the feeling that precipitates a drastic change in the weather, a rapid darkening of the sky.

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