New Lewis & Clarke Video – “We Think We Have Eyes” (Stereogum Premiere)

Between Lou Rogai’s landscaping, his hand stitched art for his label La Société Expéditionnaire, and the general meditative, trance-inducing elements of the excellent Blasts Of Holy Birth, we expected a Lewis & Clarke video to enompass something more mountainous, more tied to nature (ala Bon Iver). We’d probably expect anything but this, although that’s what makes it so amusing. There’s nothing more to the clip than (what looks like) a dance routine for a high school variety show, captured in the ’80s and on VHS, cut together and cycled to cover the expanse of “We Think We Have Eyes.” The tune’s patchwork plucking repeats and loops, just like the girls choreography. Then the dude with the animal mask comes out. Nothing spells folk more than spandex and feeling the need to adjust the tracking.

Here’s an MP3 if you don’t have any:

Lewis & Clarke – “Before It Breaks You” (MP3)

And another here. Lewis & Clarke have some tourdates on tap:

03/26 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks
03/27 – Columbus, OH @ Surly Girl w/ The Black Swans
03/28 – Chicago, IL @ AV-aerie
03/29 – Madison, WI @ The Annex w/ A Catapult Western, Matt Jennings, Patchwork
03/31 – Bloomington, IN @ Art Hospital w/ Resting Rooster
04/02 – State College, PA — Roustabout! @ Bar Bleu
04/03 – Wilkes Barre, PA — Fixture @ Fuse w/ Illinois
04/04 – Philadelphia, PA @ Circle of Hope w/Caroline Weeks + Mary Hampton
04/05 – Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool w/Caroline Weeks + Mary Hampton
04/06 – Cambridge, MA @ The Lily Pad – w/Caroline Weeks + Mary Hampton
04/07 – New Britain, CT @ The Art League of New Britain w/Caroline Weeks, Mary Hampton, + Mandrake