Black Lips Do New “O Katrina” Live Video, Guerrilla Marketing

We know (or think we know) what you’re thinking: Who needs another “O Katrina” video, live or otherwise? Well, have you ever seen one with a short, wide, and bizarre aspect ratio with four angles at once? Didn’t think so.

It was recorded at Emo’s down in Austin, though as far we can tell, dudes aren’t playing SXSW this year. Maybe they’re too busy with their show-by-show guerrilla marketing campaign. You be the judge…

Pics via Copyranter:

Black Lips' Guerilla Marketing: Flash Point
Black Lips' Guerilla Marketing: Goldfrapp
Black Lips' Guerilla Marketing: Virgin

Yeah, those must’ve taken awhile. Very Adbusters. But they’re actual ads, for a show at the Bowery Ballroom. Now, that’s not very culture jam-y. (As Copyranter points out, they scribbled 3/11 on a few of the posters, though the show’s actually tonight, 3/10.)

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