NY Times Profiles Brooklyn’s Experimental (And Stylish) Indie Rockers

Stereogum’s tag cloud hovers above The Paper Of Record today, with profiles on Brooklyn alt-rockers in Arts & Leisure and an indie rock dress-up cheat sheet in the Men Styles Magazine. Consider it a print version of the story run by MTV in January. “All Hail Brooklyn: Alt Rock Thrives In Alt-Borough” opens on the eve of Yeasayer’s Late Night triumph (where they’d perform “2080,” Conan’s “favorite song in a long time”) and highlights many of the notable musicians from our hood who are thriving on indie labels while the majors scramble. Battles are branded convoluted (but playful!) and Animal Collective claustrophobic (in a good way!) by writer Ben Sisaro; the “knotty technical complexity” he ascribes to arty acts like Battles/Grizzly Bear/Yeasayer make the prospect of listening to these New Bohemians seem like homework. The scene is so dense, even NME is sick of it (“It’s gotten to the point where I had to stop constantly writing about Brooklyn,” says editor Alex Miller). Yeasayer guitarist Anand Wilder sums it up in a silly sentence.

“You have these frat guys in Atlanta who are too sophisticated to listen to Creed and Nickelback, so they’re like, ‘Maybe I’ll read this site Pitchfork and find out about this band Yeasayer or Dirty Projectors.'”

If you won’t be able to catch the new buzz bin at SXSW next week, the Times’ Men Styles Magazine shows how you can at least dress the part: “Designers searching for indie cred need look no further than a Pitchfork review. Here, a few rising alt-rockers whose style is as distinctive as their sound.”

French intellectual meets Bulgarian farmer! And, how apropos: Beirut #1 fan Natalie Portman is on the cover of the Times Magazine.

The weather is miserable in Brooklyn today, so why not stay inside and check out all the indie rock props at NYTimes.com. You’ve got a few hours to kill before Vampire Weekend hit SNL.

Your Sounds Of Brooklyn soundtrack…

Battles – “Leyendecker” (MP3)
Beirut – “A Sunday Smile” (MP3)
Dirty Projectors – “No More” (MP3)
Grizzly Bear (Feat. Dirty Projectors & Beirut) – “Alligator (Choir Version)” (MP3)
High Places – “Shared Islands” (MP3)
MGMT – “Time To Pretend” (MP3)
Vampire Weekend – “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” (MP3)
Yesayer – “2080” (MP3)