Nas – “Nasty” Video

“Nasty” is the best Nas single in forever because it’s the one where Nas figures out that we don’t want hamfisted concept-rap or half-asleep social commentary from him; we just want him to rap hard and fast over a hard and fast beat. Similarly, the new “Nasty” video is the best Nas video in forever because it’s the one where he realizes that we don’t want to see him portray an African revolutionary or an inspirational messiah figure; we just want to watch him stroll through the Queensbridge projects, handing out fur coats to little kids and stacks of money to random dudes in wheelchairs, looking like a king among men. Goldwatch directs. Watch it below. It’s great.

(via Nah Right)

The next Nas album will hopefully come out before our planet moves into its next geological era.

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