The Outsiders: Vol. 8 – Special SXSW Edition

The Outsiders: Vol. 8 – Special SXSW Edition

Not all of Stereogum’s favorite sounds conform to what folks expect us to cover. In this space, resident Bananafish fetishist Brandon Stosuy focuses on bands, albums, singles, and villages in Sweden that may otherwise pass by unnoticed. This installment’s eclectic virtual milk crate contains a few SXSW suggestions..

A bunch of bands are currently getting a bunch of SXSW attention. A bunch aren’t. The following haven’t been grabbing the biggest headlines, but they just might blow you away if you part the hype a little. Thing is, once I started scratching the surface, taking day parties into consideration and looking at the bands playing around the bands I wanted to recommend, the list got a tad unruly. So as a reaction to the overload, I’m just suggesting a handful. If they seem interesting to you, maybe you could do the math and figure out if there are other bands on the bill worth your time, effort, and eardrums.

The Outsiders: Grouper
[Liz Harris, aka Grouper, out of focus in skeletal corpse paint]

Wednesday, March 12
Smalltown Supersound @ The Thirsty Nickel
Sunburned Hand Of The Man (9:00PM)
Sunburned’s playing the Smalltown Supersound showcase, so there’s also lots of electro/DJ-ing Scandinavian folks like Bjorn Torske, Diskjokke, Lindstrom, and Kim Hiorthoy, but honor the Shit Spangled Banner and check out these bearded Americans doing their weirdo psychedelic jazz noise kitchen-sink rock crust.

Cardboard @ Habana Calle 6
Ecstatic Sunshine (11:20PM)
Gowns (12:10AM)
Cardboard — run by 2/3 of Parts & Labor — has the new Ecstatic Sunshine album Way forthcoming (guitar looping and spilling feedback). Stick around for L.A. droney folk and noise crew Gowns. Cardboard released their album Red State last year.


Thursday, March 13
Tonight, there are a few label showcases that could be worth hitting. There are boring stretches in all of them, but…

Table Of The Elements/Radium @ The Hideout
Jon Mueller (8:45PM), Melissa St. Pierre (9:30PM), Collections Of Colonies Of Bees (10:00PM), Megafaun (11:00PM), etc.

Siltbreeze @ Soho Lounge
Let’s have a Strapping Fieldhands reunion! Here, skipping around: (Blues Control 8:40PM), Mike Rep (10:40 PM), Psychedelic Horseshit (11:20PM), Xno Barbequex (12:00AM), Pink Reason (12:40AM), and then the recent label kings/queen Times New Viking (1:20AM).

Vice Saves Texas @ Stubbs
Earlier in the day, you can catch Enslaved (12:40) Napalm Death (1:20) High on Fire (2:00), and Motörhead (3:05PM). High On Fire’s also at the Relapse Showcase, Enslaved’s at the It’s GRIM UP North! show, but this way you get them together … with Napalm Death and Motörhead, natch.


Friday, March 14
Acuarela Showcase @ Habana Annex
Grouper + Inca Ore (7:30 PM)
I’m excited about this one, a collaboration between Liz Harris (Grouper … remember her Creepshow collab with Xiu Xiu?) and Eva Saelens (Inca Ore, and also a guest of Yellow Swans and a player in Gang Wizard, Jackie O Motherfucker, etc.). They have a new split out on Acuarela. It was initially a self-releasded, and now sold out, cassette. Last year, Saelens released a super collaboration with Lemon Bear on Kill Rock Stars — The Birds In The Bushes. Harris has one of the raddest aesthetics, as is evidence by the above pic. Also sonically. Here’s some whispering psychedelia from Dragging a Dead Deer Up A Hill:

Grouper – “Invisible” (MP3)

Ecstatic Peace Showcase @ Mohawk
Leslie Keffer (8:45PM)
Leslie will set up her noise machine and blow our your brains. Sorry, no Magik Markers.

Kill Rock Stars Showcase @ Emo’s IV Lounge
Telepathe (10:00PM)
Ghostly mind melding from this great Brooklyn duo (or trio or whatever). It’s the brainchild of Busy Gangnes, Melisssa Livaudais, two excellent Brooklynites. (Note: They’re also playing the third-annual SXS&M.)

Atlas Sound Showcase @ Prague
Valet (11:00 PM)
White Rainbow (12:00AM)
Honey (Valet) and Adam (White Rainbow) are members of Bradford’s touring band — pretty seamless. Fuck Buttons is playing the 10:00 slot. They’re great, but there’ll be plenty of other times to see ‘em — like our day party — and Telepathe only has the one “official” showcase gig.

The Hideout
FM3 (1:00 AM)
You remember the Buddha Machine.

There’s also the first ever WFMU Showcase on Fri.


Saturday, March 15
Signal to Noise Showcase @ Central Presbyterian Church
Christina Carter & Shawn David McMillen (9:00PM)
You have to see the Charlambides folks. I think I’ll duck out to see Nadja (below), but it pains me to miss the awesome Space City Gamelan, also playing at 10:00PM.

The End Showcase @ The Ale House
Nadja (10:00PM)
Nadja are super prolific. Hopefully they’ll be super loud at this show. The duo has a new album Skin Turns To Glass on the End, the label that’s released a few of my favorite albums of the last few years by Ulver, Agalloch, etc.

Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room
Juan Son (11:00PM)
Mexico-based singer-songlooper prettiness.


Of course, the real treats are the things not listed anywhere. If you’re planning or playing some noisome or whatever show down there, please let me know in the comments.

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