New Morning Benders Video – “Waiting For A War”

San Fran indie pop nice guys the Morning Benders are letting you know they aren’t taking this Office Space shit anymore. The band brought a La Blog styled, single-shot walkabout above the bay for “Crosseyed” earlier this year, but there’s a little more of a budget this time, which the band uses to rage against the copy machine, and the printer, and the computer, and the cubicle. You can see how it’s a little out of character for Chris Chu to start tearing stuff apart, though it’s understandable; the band’s easy pop smarts are more breezy than bellicose, but wearing a dress shirt and tie will make anyone go a little crazy if you’re not used to it.

The “Waiting For A War” single is out tomorrow on 7″ and iTunes, with a full-length due in May via +1 Music.