Yeasayer Do La Blogothèque And Disrupt The Neighbors

Yeasayer know how to rise (and dress) to the occasion. Their national TV debut on the back of All Hour Cymbals was a smash, and amidst offhand comments that they “didn’t even know this was supposed to happen tonight,” the BK transplants give Vincent Moon and Chryde over at La Blogotheque their best Take Away in awhile. The fun starts on the way to and on the Metro in Paris, where the quartet indulge in a cappella harmonies, accompanied only by the clinking of beer bottles and the applause of subway riders on “No Need To Worry” and then “Redcave”:

Next they find a piano on the 11th floor of an apartment building for a crowd-chanted “2080” and “Tightrope.” But this is Paris, so 11th floor of an apartment building means walking up 11 flights of stairs. Sort of like the East Village. The crowd in the apartment love it! The neighbors, not so much.

Dudes make for good video. All Hour Cymbals is out now via We*Are*Free.

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