Jarvis Cocker Becomes Editor

Venerable publishing giant Faber & Faber announced today that Jarvis Cocker will become an “editor-at-large” for the company and that his insight will be sought as Faber & Faber selects titles to publish. From Faber & Faber editor Lee Brackstone:

Jarvis felt like a natural fit with the Faber sensibility, both as author and editor, and I’m sure the small list of books he will develop will represent his eccentric and yet popular touch. We now have an excellent portfolio of authors from the pop world and our intention is to develop these relationships and continue to build a reputation as the home for exciting and original writing on music.

(via The Guardian)

Perhaps non-coincidentally, F&F will release Mother, Brother, Lover, a collection of Cocker’s lyrics with commentary, on 10/20. This isn’t the first time the publishing company most famous for publishing T.S. Eliot reached into the pop world; Pete Townshend, too, worked there as an editor in late ’70s and early ’80s.

Here’s hoping that the books won’t be mere Pulp. Right?!