New Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Video – “Woodfriend”

For his BTW-earning debut, MBAR tapped fellow Brooklyn dude Chris Taylor to produce along with a couple of other neighbors Dan Rossen and Chris Bear to add instrumentals. Now we’re waiting on a followup that’s reportedly in the can, produced by another BK guy (Kyp Malone), and titled Summer Of Fear. Which is to say, sure why not more videos from the first album in the meantime. For a song called “Woodfriend,” it features far fewer of Miles’s buddies than his previous clip, but what it lacks in 11211 hipsters is made up in some fantastic and occasionally dazzling effects by production team Houses In Motion. Miles is not sick but he’s not well (LIT reference), swimming in some swirly animated psychedelics and reminding us to sit tight for LP2.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – “Woodfriend” (MP3)

Thanks for the tip, Bryan. Miles’s self-titled debut is out via Say Hey. That Summer Of Fear followup is due 10/20 via Saddle Creek.