Jesse Malin Covers The Hold Steady

East Village stalwart Jesse Malin’s supplementing last year’s Glitter In The Gutter with a covers record, tackling influences (Tom Waits, Neil Young) and contemporaries (The Kills) alike. He’s not covering Bruce Springsteen because he just did that (and even had the Boss man cameo on Glitter) … but tackling Boys & Girls’ “You Can Make Him Like You” is the next best thing. The collection from which it comes is called On Your Sleeve, and it’s basically a bedroom project, Jesse putting the covers to tape over a week in his apartment. So this cut’s a solo outing: no band-crafted bombast and probably less beer, just an acoustic guitar, an overtracked harmony (“there’s always other boys, always other boyfriends”), some reverb, and Jesse’s peculiar ticks of pronunciation.


Jesse Malin – “You Can Make Him Like You” (MP3)

In addition the aforementioned artists, Jesse covers the Ramones, the Clash, Lou Reed, and Sam Cooke. On Your Sleeve is out in the UK on 4/7 via One Little Indian. You can preorder the album here For Malin-in-covers of days past, here he is with Ronnie Spector on Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart”: