New Bloody Panda – “Saccades II”

New York experimental/ritualistic doom crew Bloody Panda are one of those groups who sound great on record, but emerge a different monster entirely when you see them live. Everyone in the group minus vocalist (and visual artist) Yoshiko Ohara wear black executioner hoods, immediately transforming some of the nicest guys in the world into bleak funeral doom henchmen. (Ohara’s contribution to “The Beacon” from Ocean’s Pantheon Of The Lesser is something else worth checking out live/on record.) The group’s new collection Summon, the first for Profound Lore, was recorded gorgeously with thick, dank atmospherics by Jason Marcucci and Bloody Panda Josh Rothenberger. See, for example, “Sacades II.” The lyrics: “Pharmacy / Warm water / A bed of stone / My feeble faith / My paradox / My artery.” In case you want to lament along.

Bloody Panda – “Saccades II” (MP3)

The tracklist:

01 “Gold”
02 “Pusher”
03 “Saccades I”
04 “Saccades II”
05 “Miserere”
06 “Grey”
07 “Hashira”

Summon is out 8/25 via Profound Lore. It comes with a bonus DVD for the song “Miserere,” a 21-minute “doomcollage of live moments, natural disaster footage, and butoh.”

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