Atlas Sound Covers Fleetwood Mac

Lindsey Buckingham’s (great) “Walk A Thin Line” from the (great) Tusk LP is such a pretty and pleading track, relying on LB’s falsetto and guitar triads, flat-smacked drum sounds, and backing vocals that “oh-wa-oh-wa” upfront and get increasingly gauzy/complex as the song progresses to strike an emotional chord. Bradford Cox, for his part, has repeatedly demonstrated great taste in deep cuts, so it’s surprising only in the most pleasant and momentary of ways that he decided to generously post his own solo take on the track. His voice is well suited to Lindsey’s melody, buttressed in a dollop of typical Atlas Sound reverb, and while it mostly sidesteps the brilliant production that adds nuance to the Tusk cut (by necessity, this is a tossed-off bedroom joint), Cox does recreate those guitar triads over some strums and hand-tapped percussion. I’m surprised he didn’t have fun with the original’s swelling vocal overdubs near the end, but no matter: It’s simple, easy, and fun. And something to chew on while we wait for more postable songs from the great Logos LP.

Atlas Sound – “Walk A Thin Line” (MP3)

That comes via deerhuntertheband. Atlas Sound’s Logos is on the way, while you wait download its Panda Bear collab. And you can catch Bradford’s solo-project on the road with Broadcast soon.