New Big Pink Video – “Dominos”

London pop duo Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell, aka the Big Pink, release their full-length debut A Brief History Of Love this September via 4AD. It’s a difficult album to pin down: You’ll catch clattering Suicide here/there, but with plenty slow and frozen synth balladry (John Hughes, anyone?), Jesus & Mary Chain (and Happy Mondays?!) echoes, and catchy radio-ready electro-anthems like previously posted first single “Dominos.” That version didn’t come with exploding womanly ice sculptures or a frigid purple ambiance, so here’s the track’s Tim Saccenti-directed video.

(Via P4K)

In case you missed it last time:

The Big Pink – “Dominos” (MP3)
The Big Pink – “Dominos (Switch Remix)” (MP3)

A Brief History Of Love is out 9/22 via 4AD. The Big Pink will be touring the US in November.