Vampire Weekend Collegiate A Cappella

This is the second time the Carleton Singing Knights from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota have shown up here doing their a cappella thing. A ways back we saw them taking on Grizzly Bear’s very coverable tune “Knife.” Now, they’re expanding their repertoire, as Colin S. wrote to let us know: “so, the carleton singing knights had another performance this term. they did grizzly bear and daft punk and stuff before anyone. has anyone else? irrelevant.” He goes on to mention that one of the new ones is Timbaland’s “Apologize,” which gets a huge round of applause, and a lady rocking out in the front row.

You show ‘em, hammy beatbox guy. They also did Beirut’s “Scenic World” and Super Furry Animals’ “Receptacle For The Respectable,” both of which Colin says he’ll upload soon. For now, feast your eyes and ears on the Carleton’s a cappella spin on Vampire Weekend’s “Oxford Comma.” As Colin puts it, “because you need another vampire weekend tag.” We did. Thanks.

Pretty great job, though the crowd isn’t as excited about that one as Timbaland. Are a cappella fans backlashing against VW, too?