New Washed Out – “Hold Out”

Columbia, SC synth-drenched multi-instrumentalist Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, tapped into a drifting bit of woozy summertime ambiance with “Feel It All Around.” This time around things are a bit darker and more urgent on “Hold Out,” a track from his forthcoming Mexican Summer 12″. Like the last song, it starts and finishes suddenly, like it’s part of some larger patchwork. Or maybe his attention just shifted onto something else. Whatever the case, that “unfinished” feel’s part of Greene’s charm.

Washed Out – “Hold Out” (MP3)
(Via GvsB)

Last week Mexican Summer said, via Twitter, to look for a six-song Washed Out 12″ in September. It’ll be pressed in an addition of 1,000.

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