How Britney Met Your Mother

Following in the footsteps of a certain familiar white trash icon, Britney Spears has announced a cameo on CBS in an attempt to bolster her public image. Via AP:

Spears will guest star in a March 24 episode of the cult series, CBS spokeswoman Kelli Raftery told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The pop star will portray a receptionist in a dermatologist’s
office named Abby who becomes “smitten” with Ted (Josh Radnor), Raftery said.

Craig Thomas, the show’s creator, told that Spears attended a table reading with the cast on Monday, and that her scenes will probably be filmed later this week. He said
representatives for Spears approached the CBS about “Mother” because “she was looking for a small part on a funny show.”

Of course this won’t be Brit’s first sitcom stopover (remember this?), but even with those thespian chops we’re not sure she’ll top Mandy Moore’s guest appearance in this season’s premiere as a tattooed drunk chick Neal Patrick Harris’s character Barney referred to as 1994 Courtney Love.”