My Morning Jacket Showcase Their Evil Urges In Houston

We were already way too excited for MMJ’s long-awaited Z follow-up Evil Urges, out June 10th on ATO. Billboard’s preview piece claiming the album “sports the most adventurous music of the Kentucky-bred rock act’s career” and later putting “robotic funk grooves” and “falsetto” and “Prince” in the same sentence has made that excitement fairly unbearable. Yes some will see them at Radio City, or a summer festival, or maybe even in Austin this week … but thanks to an email from Eggs at Breakfast On Tour, you won’t have to wait that long to get an idea of what Jim James and the Jacket are working with. MMJ played Houston’s Verizon Wireless Theater last night and unleashed eight tracks of pure Evil. Eggs has hooked us up with eight good-quality videos to kill some time with.

“Evil Urges”

“I’m Amazed”

“Highly Suspicious”

“Thank You Too”

“Sec Walkin”

“Aluminum Park”

“Smokin From Shootin”

“Touch Me Part 2″

That’s all the new tunes, Houston. Hit Breakfast On Tour for the night’s full setlist. For your checklist of new MMJ to hear, here’s the Evil Urges tracklist:

01 “Evil Urges”
02 “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 1″
03 “Highly Suspicious”
04 “I’m Amazed”
05 “Thank You Too”
06 “Sec Walkin'”
07 “Two Halves”
08 “Librarian”
09 “Look At You”
10 “Aluminum Park”
11 “Remnants”
12 “Smokin’ From Shootin'”
13 “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 2″
14 “Good Intentions”

As mentioned, Evil Urges is out 6/10 on ATO.